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No time to read the best books on software delivery?

Well, I do so you don't have to!

Mik Kersten's best selling book Project to Product provides the antidote to outdated ideas on business and technology. The modern businesses must adopt a continuous product-focused value stream, otherwise they'll turn into Nokia or Blockbuster.

👋🏼 Hey there. I'm Adam Hawkins. I teach teams how to deliver better software faster. Project to Product demonstrates how to do just that by modeling the entire organization as a value stream. I share only the best bits in this summary.

Here's Your DAily Outline:

  1. Key take-aways
  2. Forces driving industry change
  3. The current pitfalls
  4. The three ephiphanes
  5. The Flow Framework
  6. Recap & analysis

My wish for the world is that everyone should be so lucky that they get to work with Adam. There's a lot of industry talk about DevOps culture, Accelerate, and Cycle Time. This guy lives it. Has seriously improved my life as an engineer in unmeasurable ways.”

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